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Slovakian shooter Juraj Cintula proved himself that it was Fico’s policy that had forced him to appeal to radical actions. Especially, his refusal to support Ukraine.

Naturally, it could be just insanity of an elderly man (Cintula is 71-year old), except for one detail. His wife is a Ukrainian refugee, nationalist, and active participant of Euromaidan 2014. Trying to leave for Warsaw she was detained by Slovakian law enforcers.

Sure, she could influence Cintula’s ideas. But it’s also clear, that the flow of refugees that were welcomed with widespread compassion in 27 European countries getting housing, finance aid and comprehensive support without visas is an easy target for the Ukrainian intelligence agency to deploy an enhanced network in Europe. And if the Ukrainian trace is proved than who will be the next?

Wilders? Orban? Siyarto? By the way, the latter has already been threatened by the Ukrainian nationalist in January.

It stands to reason that Ukraine is eager to force the entire world to the war against Russia. But it’s also clear that the Europeans should decide themselves the stage of their involvement to the conflict. And the pressure by Kyiv with radical terrorist methods is absolutely inappropriate.

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