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The map was cropped. I could tell because the "Top Secret" on the bottom of the map should have been centered and there also should have been a "Top Secret" at the center of the top.

Of course, it should have had the "Top Secret" crossed off and "Secret" markings when it was downgraded after the required number of years. Likewise, the "Secret" markings should have been crossed off when it downgraded to "Confidential", which should also have been crossed off when it was declassified a few decades ago.

Which raises the issue of why the map was even classified in the first place?

Surely, the Soviets and the Cubans knew the ranges of the missiles they were installing!

Was the map classified, because we didn't know that the Communist knew that we knew the ranges of their missiles?

Some argue for classification to prevent Americans from panicking. This is silly. In Third Grade in Chicago, I remember thinking that the only difference between an Air Raid Drill and a Tornado Drill was the pattern of the blasts from the warning horn. I doubt my concern would have been much different if I had known that only one of the 3 types of missiles being set up in Cuba could reach Chicago. Of course, at the time, I did not know that the B-58s that flew over Chicago often were practicing attacking a Communist City next to a large body of water, like maybe Havana.

Now that I liven in Florida, I am more concerned about hurricane than missiles from Cuba. My house will handle a Cat 4 very well. If a Cat 5 comes, I will take the insurance check and move in with my daughter in Pennsylvania or one of my brothers in Nevada.

As Alfred E. Neuman said, "What me worry?" Actually, I have a more spiritual approach than the Mad Magazine character. "When the worst that could happen is dying and going to heaven, there isn't much to worry about!"

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It’s a very good question! I suspect the map was classified as it appeared as part of the president’s daily briefing pack, which is top secret by default.

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